Hello, World!

Welcome to my blog, Piece of Cake: my attempt to rationalize the chaos of everyday life and apply some degree of interest to it.  I aim to share my interest in science whether you have any inclination towards the concept or not.  Most of what I chat about is just logic, observation, and experiment, which forms the basis of science; so fear not, there’s not always going to be a heap of obscene jargon to trawl through to get to the point.  But I can’t make any promises 100% of the time: as those who know me will attest, I’ll ramble. 

“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.”

Albert Einstein

I think these publications will be a method of improving my communication with others.  I like to think of myself as articulate but trying to be idiomatic and relatable are skills that always need to be developed for those who (claim to) know a bit of depth to a subject.  These skills are even more important to those who just have rubbish social skills, which may or may not be me…

“Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge.”

Carl Sagen

I’ve got a degree in pharmacology, so I don’t claim to be anything more than educated, far from an expert in any branch of science or anything else.  But my interest fuels my enthusiasm, my wanting to understand the world and its concepts.  Mostly I like making something out of nothing – not in the argumentative sense, rather seeing what others bypass and examining how it works, why, and how it can be improved.  Things that we see every day and don’t question are usually the things with an interesting story. Chances are I’ll examine quite ordinary things and explaining they actually are interesting or maybe taking something ridiculously complex and attempting to explain that!  Regardless what you’re doing with your life, the sciencey things are always interesting, usually because nobody really understands them; elegant simplicity or horribly convoluted, I love them all, bring it on.  The nature of keeping things interesting means there will undoubtedly be a few curveballs, dabbling in a few other topics and bringing in my perspective.  Why not.  So sit back and enjoy the ramblings of a self-critic and maybe learn something along the way.


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